Web Design with CMS WordPress and WooCommerce (E-Shop)

WordPress CMS is the most popular Content Management System at the moment worldwide. Large companies such as The New York Times Company and Reuters Blog use WordPress as a means of developing their website and promoting their services.

All of our websites are developed with WordPress, enabling you to develop and manage your content.

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WooCommerce is a WordPress add-on, which is really useful for e-commerce businesses. This add-on was created in 2011 and is now used by thousands of e-commerce websites worldwide.

It is a handy toolbox that lets you sell anything you want on the internet.


Below we will present some of the important reasons for using this system.

  • 32% of active sites worldwide use the WordPress platform (approximately 77 million sites),
  • The CMS WordPress is an open source platform (the code is open and anyone can read it, modify it, complete it, and rebuild it),
  • WordPress is a multinational billions of euros economy (hundreds of companies and thousands of professionals from around the world sell their products, services, or solutions that they propose on a WordPress basis),
  • WordPress has over 50,000 plugins (additional tools used to develop the CMS WordPress code),
  • WordPress has built-in updates (updated automatically in case of upgrades), etc.

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